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Microblading (Semi Permanent Brows)

 Transform your eyebrows with us today, come in for a consultation and lets discuss your perfect brows, if you have sparse brows areas or simply just want your brows more defined, then Microblading is for you, we have a variety of colours to suit different skin / hair types, give us a call so we can book you in.  The treatment takes around 2hours from start to finish, we numb the brows firsts so its completely pain free and draw a template of your perfect brows on your eyebrows once you are happy with the shape, thickness and colour. Once we have chosen then we will start the actual Microblading, The pigment will fade between 30-50 % and requires a top up 4 -6 weeks later (like a 2nd coat) once the top up has healed its only then you will be able to see the true colour.  Check out our gallery and have a look at some amazing before and after pictures.


Age Limit 18+ 

Semi Permanent Eyebrows in Sidcup
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