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Vita Enriched Colostrum Gel is highly researched and proven to reverse the skin’s ageing process. Contains dairy colostrum which is rich in immunity and stimulates cell growth. Supports the skins immune system to help heal and soothe. Ideal for sensitive and problematic skins. Perfect for the body and face.

Vita-Enriched Colostrum Gel 30ml

  • 1. After pre cleanse and cleanse routine apply Colostrum Gel evenly to the face or focus area of sensitivity before moisturising with AVST moisturiser.

    2. Can use morning and/or evening.

    Can be introduced at any stage in the Step-Up system

    Customers with very reactive skin should combine Antioxidant gel with this colostrum gel as a daily defence system to help improve the appearance of irritated and sensitive skin.  

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